Scott asks Yale University to move to Florida


Gov. Rick Scott is asking Yale University to move to Florida after Connecticut lawmakers proposed a 7 percent tax on the profits on the university's $25.6 billion endowment.

Scott called the tax unfair, and said not only should Yale consider moving to Florida, but all Connecticut businesses should move. 

“It is clear that all businesses in Connecticut, including Yale, should look to move to Florida," Scott said in a release Tuesday morning. "Since I took office in 2011, we have not raised any taxes or fees in Florida.  In fact, we have cut taxes 55 times, including $1 billion in tax cuts over the last two years, which saved Floridians $5.5 billion."

It's not the first time Scott has made targeted remarks about wanting businesses to move from other states to Florida. He has previously released similar statements targeting businesses in Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania and others.

"We would welcome a world-renowned university like Yale to our state and I can commit that we will not raise taxes on their endowment. This would add yet another great university to our state."