Train hopping man was off clock, Jimmy John's owner says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jimmy John's delivery man caught on camera hopping on a moving train to get to the other side was not delivering a sandwich or returning from a delivery, according to managers at the San Marco store where the man works.

They said he was on his way home after his shift when he was caught on cellphone video slinging his bicycle over his shoulders and hopping onto the train.

The video, which was sent to News4Jax by a concerned viewer, shows the man riding the train for several feet before jumping off on the other side with his bike in hand.

While the worker was not attempting to ensure “freaky fast” delivery for his sandwich shop, the store's owner, Stewart Price, said he is using the incident as a reminder for all of his delivery personnel.

“We do encourage our drivers to be as fast and as safe as possible. Obviously, if he had been on the clock, he might have lost his job, because we cannot have that behavior going on while someone is on the clock,” Price said.

Price said the employees of Jimmy John's provide their own bicycles for deliveries. He said what the workers do off the clock with the bikes isn't something management normally focuses on.

“When an employee clocks out, they become a normal U.S. citizen,” Price said. “We didn’t know any of the laws he was breaking at the time, and obviously we don’t condone any of that activity.”

News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said the video shouldn't just be used as a reminder and lesson for Jimmy John's employees. He said everyone should learn from it.

“The only place where you are allowed to cross (is at the white lines),” Smith said. “You are not allowed to -- even though you see people do that quite often -- come on to property and go over railroad tracks. That’s a violation. You can only cross on the road.”

Smith said several factors in the video made the situation very dangerous.

"Having a bicycle is even more dangerous, because now you have added weight on you, you are not as balanced as you would be without a bike," Smith said. "But either way, it is extremely dangerous. It could damage the train if the bike falls and falls on the track. That could cause the train to derail. It's extremely dangerous to that young man."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the incident could incur a trespassing citation, but it would be up to the owner of the train to pursue those charges.