Choosito; A new way to search the web


PHILADELPHIA – She only started with an idea, but it turned out to be a million dollar one. That’s how much the National Science Foundation is investing in Choosito.com. It’s how one woman is changing everything we know about finding facts at any age.

Students at the Baldwin School for Girls are used to learning new things. So a cutting edge tool called “Choosito” was right up their alley.

“So, usually we use another data base like Britannica and that’s good, but this is better,” says 5th grade student, Ira Kulkarni.

Choosito founder, Eleni Miltsakaki, left her job as a university professor to enter the male-dominated field of tech startups. And what she developed is now being used by 40,000 students around the world.

“I could see that we needed technical solutions for how to curate the web, how to make the web a place for learning, not only for shopping,” Miltsakaki said.

Choosito.com is a search engine that narrows down results so students at almost any grade and any reading level will only see websites tailored for them.

“What it does is filter everything on the web, and when I say everything … I mean, all one-point-something trillion sites on the web,” said Miltsakaki.

For instance, if you Google “water cycle”… more than 26-million results pop up – mostly from government agencies. But if you search for it on Choosito, for first to third graders, only age-appropriate, educational websites are shown.

“It’s easier and it’s faster. You get your search results faster!” Ira exclaimed.

Miltsakaki said, “I just cannot wait to see it in every classroom.”

Eleni Miltsakaki says more than 200-thousand students are projected to be using Choosito by the end of the year. If you’d like more information, click here.