Friends, family gather to support family of homicide victims

WEST AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Friends, family members, and people in the community joined together Sunday to raise money for the two people who were killed last week in West Augustine.

Jamie Wilson, 24, and Keiwuan Murray, 18, were shot and killed about a mile apart. The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said Johnny Williams pulled the trigger, but they are still looking for him.

On Sunday, friends and family were celebrating life, but also mourning their loss.

"You want to stay positive," Alesia Wilson, Jamie Wilson's sister, said. "You remain positive and everything. We have to stay humble - pray it up together."

Music was playing and barbecue was cooking as people raised money by washing cars. Teens from a local high school were there to help. Wilson's sister said they want to set a good example for kids in the area and raise $3,000 for funeral expenses.

"We're just trying to come out and show that both families can come out without any type of animosity or any type of problems," Alesia Wilson said. "To show the younger children that, you know, violence and animosity is not the answer."

While both families wait for deputies to catch the man police say was responsible, they come together.

"We're staying close and staying united together; staying strong because we do have a child that we still have to care for, after the funeral and for the next 18-20-30 years," Alesia Wilson said. "We have to stay united as one."

All proceeds from Sunday's event will go to both families. There's a GoFundMe account set up for Wilson's child. You can donate by clicking here.