Artifacts unearthed at site of demolished tavern

(Photo: Courtesy of Susan Stephens)
(Photo: Courtesy of Susan Stephens)

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Archeologists unearthed artifacts dating back to the 1700s Tuesday at the site of an historic St. Augustine tavern demolished last month.

The historic building on St. George Street that housed the Milltop Tavern for a generation was torn down in March because its advanced state of deterioration was considered a safety issue. 

Archeologists with the city of St. Augustine went digging at the site Tuesday to see if they could discover anything of historical value.

And they did. 

Archeologists found an old well from the 1800s, filled with coquina rubble from when the previous building was demolished. 

They also uncovered a huge trash pile from the 1700s, which included a cooking hearth and animal remains. 

The plan is to reopen the Milltop Tavern in the rebuilt building, centered around its iconic wheel, in November.