Report: Florida day care costs more than college

Full-time day care or preschool more expensive than college


According to the Wall Street Journal, it has become more expensive to teach a 4-year-old in preschool than it is an 18-year-old enrolling in college.

The largest disparity between the cost to attend day care and the cost to attend college resides in Florida. It is 73 percent more expensive to care for a 4-year-old than it is a student attending college.

The average child care costs in Florida are $7,668 a year while Florida's college tuition is among the lowest in the country.

In recent studies, it shows this is not just a problem in Florida, but nearly half of the country. The annual cost for a full-time preschooler exceeds the average cost of an in-state tuition at a four-year college in 23 states according to Economic Policy Institute data.

EPI data also shows that child care costs exceeded the median income of a family of four by 10 percent in 40 states. The government defines affordable child care as costing less than 10 percent of a family income.

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