Reported kidnapping did not occur, police say

Video shows man putting man in zip-ties


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An investigation has revealed that a reported possible abduction on Jacksonville's Southside did not occur, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said. 

The victim was located safe in Clay County and he was not kidnapped, police announced Thursday night. 

About 2:55 p.m., officers said they were called to a parking lot at Philips Highway and Mustang Road.

Investigators analyzed surveillance video in the area and said it shows an older-model Cadillac Escalade stopping in the parking lot with two men and one woman inside.

A witness told officers the occupants got out of the vehicle. The younger of the two men was on the ground, held down by the older man. Witnesses said the two had some sort of fight, then the older man helped the younger man get off the ground and then secured his hands with zip-ties.

The younger man was seen by witnesses being placed into the back seat of the SUV. The SUV then left the area, police said.

According to a release from the Sheriff's Office, the woman who was originally with the two men was seen on surveillance video walking away toward Mustang Road.