3 restaurants temporarily closed due to roaches, temperature violations, no restrooms

May 12 editiion of Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – PK noodle on Beach Boulevard had a closure last week after an inspector conducted a routine check. According to the report there were roaches near food.  The inspector wrote there was a trap device next to the rice warmer with five live roaches on it.  There were more under the preparation sink and in a pipe by the cooler.  

The next morning the inspector came back and cleared PK noodles with no roaches or serious violations.

This Chicks Kitchen had to close up shop for the night last week because of serious temperature violations.  They had to throw out eggs, lasagna, waffle batter, chicken and several other items because they were not being held at safe temperature.  The inspector wrote there weren't enough coolers to keep the food at the proper temperature. They had a night to address the concern.

The next day the inspector came back and noted all the units were working except one and the repairman was on site.  They were given more time  to get the equipment up and running and they were allowed to open back up. On Monday the inspector came by again and the food was at the proper temperature and all the equipment was working.

Finally Sandwich Shop Kafe on Beach Boulevard was shut down for the night because they didn't have a working restroom. It didn't have anything to do with food but is still required by the state. The inspector wrote the facility is in disrepair and the toilet is not functioning.  The operator said it's been out of order for a week and she was waiting for a plumber.  No other restroom was available so they had to close for the night. 

The next morning the inspector came back and the toilet was working.  It was a simple fix to open the doors at Sandwich Shop Kafe.

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