Dozens gather to honor woman killed on Buckman Bridge

Stephanie Robinson, 22, died while riding motorcycle


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The sound of motorcycles could be heard Sunday in a celebratory gesture honoring the life of a 22-year-old woman.

Stephanie Robinson was killed while riding her motorcycle on the Buckman Bridge last week. Sunday, dozens of friends and family members paid their respects to the woman who loved to ride.

The ride started at the funeral home in Green Cove Springs after the family had a dove release.

Britani Robinson, Stephanie's sister, said she felt it was very symbolic. She said Stephanie was the kind of woman who could not be caged. She was a free spirit and that dove release was something they wanted no matter what.

Once the funeral was over, everyone got on their bikes and headed over the Buckman Bridge to pay their respects before ending up at a restaurant.

Stephanie Robinson's sister said although the day was extremely difficult, it went perfectly.

"I waited to go shopping we wouldn't have to do this, so finally my mom made me get up (and) we went shopping," Britani Robinson said. "I got a dress to wear. I got ready. It was a little overwhelming getting there and setting up, and then people started coming by carloads and bikeloads. You couldn't help but smile."

Stephanie Robinson's birthday is the 17th. Her sister said the family plans on spending time together that day. Stephanie would have turned 23.