Jacksonville Zoo debuts new flamingos

Flock on exhibit along African boardwalk

Photo courtesy: Stewart Plemmons, Pierside Productions
Photo courtesy: Stewart Plemmons, Pierside Productions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new flock of flamingos is on exhibit at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

The zoo debuted 36 African Greater flamingos along the African boardwalk. There are 14 males and 22 females.

The flamingos arrived Wednesday from Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

They are expected to breed at the Jacksonville Zoo over the next few years.

The zoo's 3,600 square foot flamingo habitat is located at the entrance to the African boardwalk and housed Nile crocodiles until 2011.

Greater flamingos are the largest of the flamingo species, with lighter feathers and vibrant streaks of pink and black in contrast to the all-over coral of the American flamingos which are on display in JZG’s Range of the Jaguar.

Greater flamingos are also the most widespread of the six flamingo species, with a range from Southern Europe and Southwest Asia to Africa.