3 injured in 3-car crash in Putnam County

72-year-old man taken to hospital after crash


PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Three people were injured Friday in a three-car crash at U.S. 17 and Yelvington Road in Putnam County, Florida Highway Patrol officials said.

A 2010 Ford Ranger approached the stop sign at the intersection of Yelvington Road and U.S. 17 while a 2012 Toyota Corolla drove southbound on U.S. 17. A 2015 Chevy Suburban was stopped in the median of U.S. 17 where there's a left turn to Yelvington Road.

The 22-year-old driver of the Corolla said the Ranger stopped with its front end across the stop bar and had partially entered the right outside lane of U.S. 17. She said since the Ranger had stopped, she thought it was safe to drive through the intersection in the left inside lane. She said all of a sudden the Ranger pulled out into the path of her, so she swerved to the left and hit the driver side of the front quarter panel.

The Ranger spun around and hit the front end of the Suburban, crushing the driver side door. The Ranger came to rest facing west in the median with its front end pressed against the side of the Suburban.

The Corolla was disabled in the inside lane of U.S. 17 facing north.

A tow truck had to remove the Ranger from the Suburban.

The Suburban was an unmarked prisoner transport car from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. There were no prisoners in the Suburban at the time of the crash.

The officers in the Suburban were uninjured.

The driver of the Ranger, 72-year-old Brian Reilly, of Bunnell, was injured and taken to a hospital.

The 22-year-old woman driving the Corolla and her 26-year-old passenger had minor injuries and were not taken to a hospital.

It's unclear if any charges will be filed.