Give Chance a second chance

Blue tick coonhound needs love


GLEN SAINT MARY, Fla. – Channel 4's Ashley Mitchem was cleaning her house and noticed something in the corner of her eye out her sliding glass door...from her words...here is the rest of the story:


An emaciated dog...he looked at me in the most pitiful way, his eyes speaking to me, pleading for help.


We are naming him Chance, because we are hoping to give him another chance at life.


I don't know how he made his way to my house, lost or abandoned but this starving blue tick hound was just as sweet as can be.


He had no body fat left on him.


When I put food and water down for him we went to town.


I drove him down to the Matanzas River Animal Hospital and am working with Swamp Haven Rescue to cover his medical needs.


His first couple of days he was extremely anemic. So much so that he doesn't even have a drop of blood to spare to run any bloodwork.


He is being fed, given iron and B vitamins, and lots of love.

Last night I checked in with the rescue and he's eating and putting on some weight.


He currently has mange...

Today he should finally be healthy enough to run tests to see if there is anything else he is dealing with...most likely heart worms.


If you want to help him I set up an account: https://www.youcaring.com/chance-572320#.Vz0YuIgg48s.facebook


It will take months for his recovery but when he's good to be released my fiance and I are going to adopt Chance.

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