Retired firefighter performs CPR on collapsed man at hotel

Jason Kerr reminds public why CPR training so important

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax heard from a retired Jacksonville firefighter who jumped in to help save a man’s life Sunday. He said it’s an important lesson for everyone to learn CPR, so they can assist in emergency situations.

Retired Jacksonville firefighter Jason Kerr said he was checking out in a lobby at a Hyatt Regency when he saw a man collapse. He said the man, who appeared to be in his 60s, wasn’t breathing and his heart stopped beating. He and another retired firefighter began doing CPR.

Kerr said the hotel was able to provide an AED, so they shocked the man twice and continued doing CPR. He said the man began breathing again and that’s when rescue personnel showed up to take the man to the hospital.

Hundreds of firefighters were at the hotel over weekend for a firefighters' ball and it just so happened they were around when the man was in dire need of a life saver.

“It’s the right time, in the right place, and you never want to do that, but it shows how important knowing CPR is.” Kerr said. “I’ve been retired for a month and half and I miss the job, but it’s just knowing that you're able to help someone, and not only Jacksonville firefighters on duty, but also off-duty, we are there 24/7.”

Kerr said the man was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition, but he is alive. He said he doesn’t consider himself a hero. He just did what any firefighter would do and that’s help others in times of need.

Kerr is also telling the public to get CPR training because you never know when you can help someone.