Brazen burglar caught on camera

Surveillance video shows man breaking into home in Dinsmore neighborhood


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police are searching for a burglar that was caught on a home surveillance system in the Dinsmore neighborhood Thursday. 

Surveillance video showed a man breaking into the home of Ronnie Dixon, stealing a few thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

The burglar broke through the fence and then the back window. 

"He actually took a block of wood for my fire pit," Dixon said. "He actually hit it in like that."

Dixon's camera system is made by a company called Canary. The system connects to the internet and sends audio and video live to his phone, so he can watch it in real time. He and his wife received an alert, called 911, then watched the intruder as he filled a pillow case with jewelry. 

"He seemed very nonchalant. Like he's done this before," Dixon said. "It looks as if he's been to this house before."

The man was in Dixon's home approximately six minutes and got away just moments before police arrived.

Dixon says he has already heard from a lot of people who have seen his video on social media and believes the man lives in the area.

If you have any information, call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at  904-630-0500.

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