Expect traffic delays when heading downtown for Jazz Festival

Check your route before heading downtown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jazz Festival is already shutting down numerous roads in the downtown area, and a construction project just north of the event is adding to the confusion some drivers are facing.

An emergency culvert repair by the Department of Transportation has closed Main Street from West First Street to Union Street, leaving some drivers frustrated with the temporary traffic pattern.

Monica McQuay told News4Jax she went downtown to bring food for the homeless.

“It’s not very clear,” said McQuay. “It appears as if the roads are closed but then there’s one lane… so we didn’t know how to go or where to go until we were able to follow someone else and figure out where we’re going.”

Others are faring a little better, like Shepherd Archie who came from Augusta, Georgia.

“It’s not that bad if you’ve got the "nav" system,” Archie said.

Then there are those who haven’t minded the traffic at all. Sharon Pritchard is in town visiting from Orlando and didn’t struggle to navigate.

“No, not at all, actually we drove up from Orlando last night and we didn’t have a problem at all,” Pritchard said.

There are a lot of lane closures in addition to the DOT project north of town. If you plan on coming down to the Jazz Festival, and want to get an idea of where you can’t drive, visit news4jax.com to look at maps detailing the closures.

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