Tire shop in Clay County combats Zika

Local tire shop helping in prevention efforts

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Clay County is one of three local counties that has documented cases of the Zika virus.

Local businesses in the Orange Park area, along with the Clay County Sheriff's Office, are doing their part to help in the prevention efforts.

Tire Place Auto Repair is fighting mosquitoes that could be attracted to the rainwater in tires.

"We shake our tires," said Lisa Crews, the owner. "We vacuum out the water. We also have them spray once a month."

CCSO Environmental Crimes investigator, Gary Winterstein, made his rounds to local tire businesses to explain the risks.

Winterstein said tires can retain heat which speeds up the mosquito-hatching process and growth of the larvae.

He visited Crews at Tire Place and inspected the shop.

"We just went through some storms. She does have water in some of these tires. But she does have a wet-vac. She's actually sucking out the water," Winterstein said.

Crews stacks her tires, which Winterstein said helps because then water can't get into them.

"It's teaching me how to be a better business owner and to follow the rules and do what I'm supposed to do," said Crews. "At the same time, it's keeping the virus down."

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