Rep. Corrine Brown addresses Orlando mass shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown said “it’s horrible” when she spoke with News4Jax Sunday after learning about the mass murder in Orlando.

Brown said she has plans to return to Washington, D.C., early this week, but now she will detour to Orlando before heading back to the nation's capital. Brown’s district includes Orlando, which she has represented for 24 years.

“Because even though people think about Orlando as international.  It is really a close-knit family kind of community,” Brown said.

News4Jax asked her about one of the guns that was used, which was described as an AR-15-like rifle.  Brown said there needs to be some sort of legislation passed that could  help stop mass shootings like this. 

“Tomorrow evening we’ll go in session and we’ll stand up and we’re going to have a moment of silent prayer.  We have to do more than a moment of silent prayer. We have to work to come up with something that we all can agree to. There’s got to be some step that we can do to stop this," Brown said. “Our lifestyle is changing because of these guns. Who does this? We need to to something about it rather than just raising and having a moment of silent prayer."

News4Jax also asked her whether any sort of legislation would be proposed in Congress concerning gun restrictions.

“This is a question that we need to ask the people that’s running for president, people running for office. This is a question, 'What is it that we can do?'” Brown said. 

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