Riverside nightclub owner on high alert after Orlando shooting

Dancer at Metro was scheduled to work at Pulse, but decided to stay in Jax

The owner of a popular gay club in Jacksonville said the community is on high alert after the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando early Sunday.

The owner of Metro nightclub, a well-known spot in Riverside, said many of his employees and customers know people affected by the attack. 

Jerry Rosenburg said one of his dancers had been scheduled to work at Pulse Saturday night, but changed his mind at the last minute and decided to stay in town.

"It may have saved his life because he would have been up on a box dancing and could have been a sitting duck," Rosenburg said. 

Rosenburg said he's visited Pulse before and always felt safe there, but now he's questioning if he needs to step up security at Metro. 

"If someone came in here like that with an automatic magazine, I don't care how many police officer's we have out front," Rosenburg said.

Rosenburg said the unimaginable scenario has now turned into a reality.

"We are all on pins and needles waiting for names to come out, knowing there are going to be names that we are going to know, people that are going to be close to us. It's heartbreaking," Rosenburg said. 

President Barack Obama called the mass shooting at Pulse "an act of terror," which Rosenburg said is disturbing enough, but there's another element that has also shaken up the community.

"It's also looking like it was targeted toward the fact that they were having Latin night at an LGBT club and just the whole thing, all around, it's very unsettling for everyone."

But Rosenburg said it's been amazing to watch Florida come together in a time of desperation and sorrow. 

"We are going to go on and live our lives. We don't live in fear. We live out and about and proud every day of our lives," Rosenburg said. 

Rosenburg said a majority of the time that his club is open, there are off-duty police officers who come hang out and he also has security guards who help out on the weekends when it's busy. But now, he's thinking about beefing up security even more.