Fear is still real for LGBT community

Some still afraid to go out in public

ORLANDO, Fla. – It has been almost 48 hours since 49 people perished in the worst mass shooting on American soil and the fear is still raw and real.

Some members of Orlando's LGBT community are afraid to go out in public.

News4Jax is on the scene in Orlando speaking with those affected.

"Unfortunately there's a fear out there. People are afraid to leave their house, they are afraid to go out now," said Terry Decarlo, executive director of the LGBT Center in Orlando. "We've opened up another counseling line, because so many people are calling. It's just that initial fear. Am I safe to go to a grocery store?"

Decarlo knew two victims on the list of 49 shot and killed in the tragic event.

He said thinking about them brings him to tears, making it hard to focus on running the LGBT center that is so desperately needed right now.

"The people have been stopping in left and right with food and water. We've been taking food and water to the blood banks where the lines have been a mile long," said Decarlo. "And in this heat, we want to be sure people are hydrated, and we've been taking food to the hospitals to people who have been working around the clock taking care of the victims."

It's not only the gay community coming to the aid of victims' families and friends, but the entire city of Orlando coming together with a conscience and a heart.

"Everybody is talking about  this happening to an LGBT club, and we are the LGBT center, but we are seeing every walk of life walk through this door. "This tragedy has woken a bear, and this community has come together as a force to say we are not going to stand for this in our backyard. We are going to do what we can do to make sure everyone is taken care of," Decarlo said.

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