Hobby Lobby responds to hate display left in store


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hobby Lobby responded Thursday after a photo emerged on social media, showing a derogatory phrase spelled out on a display shelf at the store in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville.

The letters spelled out "God hates f***" at the store on Old St. Augustine Road near I-295. 

News4Jax reached out to Hobby Lobby's corporate office for comment.

"It is beyond unfortunate that some individuals would use items intended to bring beauty and joy through creativity to instead propagate hate, especially at a time when love is so critically needed right now. This display was immediately removed upon discovery by a store employee," Communications Coordinator Bob Miller said in a statement.

Shortly after the sign was taken down, someone arranged the letters to spell out "Love Not Hate. One Pulse."

It's unknown who spelled out the original display.

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