Questionnaire reveals Orlando gunman's background

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ORLANDO, Fla. – New details emerged Thursday about Omar Mateen, the man who authorities say killed 49 people in an attack inside Pulse Orlando nightclub on Sunday.

News4Jax obtained his personal history questionnaire for criminal justice training at Indian River State College.

The questionnaire was signed on January 28, 2015.

It listed his marriages, family members and their occupations, educational history and drug history.

Omar Mateen noted he was married to Sitora Yusufiy in 2009 and to Noor Salman in 2011. He said his father and brother-in-law were financial planners, his mother was a homemaker, two sisters were respiratory therapists and another sister owned a hair salon.

Mateen said he went to Indian River State College from 2003-2006 and received an A.S. degree in criminal justice.

He also said he spoke two foreign languages, Farsi and Arabic.

Mateen acknowledged he was expelled from Martin County High School in ninth grade after getting into a fight with a fellow student in class. He was sent to an alternative school for a semester before he was allowed back at MCHS.

He also acknowledged he had been terminated or forced to resign from a job because of misconduct or unsatisfactory service. When asked if his employers always treated him fairly, he checked "no."

He worked at Martin Correctional Institution as a correctional officer trainee in 2007 but left because of a probationary dismissal.

Mateen admitted to using marijuana and steroids, but said he did not drink alcohol.

Mateen and his wife exchanged text messages during the Pulse nightclub rampage, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told CNN on Thursday.

Around 4 a.m., about two hours after he started the attack and while holed up in a bathroom, Mateen texted his wife, Noor Salman, asking if she'd seen the news, the official said.

Shortly before and during his massacre at Orlando's Pulse gay nightclub, Omar Mateen vented on Facebook.

"America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic state," the gunman wrote, according to the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

"You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes..now taste the Islamic state vengeance."

Then, in his final post, an ominous warning: ''In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic state in the usa."