Gov. Rick Scott recognizes Florida first responders


ORLANDO, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott sent the letter shown below to Florida first responders Saturday, regarding the terror attack in Orlando. 


Dear Florida First Responder:


On Sunday, America was attacked.


Unlike the far too many times before, this attack hit close to home. The City of Orlando, City Beautiful, was terrorized in the darkness. It is during these hours of terror that true heroes come forward, placing their lives on the line in defense of the innocent. The brave men and women of Orlando Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Office were our heroes. This city, our state, our nation and the entire world is thankful for the brave actions of those who so selflessly placed themselves in the line of fire.


I will never forget the stories I have heard this week of your heroism and courage.


We will all forever remember the fearlessness of the officers and deputies who immediately responded to this attack and ran into the darkness not fully understanding the danger ahead.


We will remain in awe of the valor displayed by the SWAT members who rescued so many and defeated the terrorist.


We are proud of officers and deputies who joined the response and carried the injured out of the nightclub to receive life-saving care.


The bravery displayed by Orlando’s law enforcement, first responders and emergency room heroes in the early hours of Sunday morning prevented an even more horrific tragedy. You, and all of Florida’s law enforcement members who so bravely chose each and every day to protect our communities, have allowed Florida to achieve a 45-year crime low – and I am humbled by your service, dedication and fortitude.


The coming days will be hard. We have so many unanswered questions and there will never be enough answers for the families and loved ones who are grieving. We have suffered an enormous loss and we must take time to mourn this tragedy together.


As your Governor, I am proud to know that our citizens have each of you as our guardians and our protectors. Every day, you put yourself in harm’s way to protect our communities. This attack could have happened anywhere in our nation and I am comforted to know that you are there to keep us safe from evil. Please know that our state and nation continue to pray for strength, peace and healing for you and all impacted by this tragic loss.



Rick Scott Governor