Several detained at Donald Trump's rally in Houston


HOUSTON – It was all cheers Friday in a Huston suburb for the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

Thousands of supporters wore red, white and blue Donald Trump shirts and carried signs reading "Make American Great Again."

One way Trump hopes to do that is by eliminating terrorism.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting that left 49 dead, Trump talked about his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration and protecting the Second Amendment.

”I'm a big supporter of the Second Amendment. I think we should all have the right to protect ourselves,” Tyler Guillory said.

Supporters say they think his plans will make a change and it'll happen when he takes the White House.

“He's there listening to everyone and he wants do what we need him to do so I think he would be great,” Peggy Mundschau said.

A man was taken into custody by police at the Trump rally earlier in the evening. Sources told KPRC-TV they found him on the fourth floor of the parking garage with a pistol.

He was handcuffed, then sheriff's deputies took him inside to be questioned. About 30 minutes later he was back outside.

The handcuffs were off and he said, in an exclusive interview, that his name is Kenny and it was all a misunderstanding.

Asked if he had a gun, he said, "No, of course not."

Kenny added he couldn't say any more, but added, "Trump is going to be our next president," Kenny said.

Deputies didn't want him answering any more questions.

"We're taking him home to his family," they said.

Throughout the evening, there were several incidents involving police.

At least two more men were detained.

The crowd of protesters was large and loud. Deputies lined the streets, keeping a close eye on things and making sure it didn't get out of hand.

It is a part of Trump's upcoming 9-day, 10-city trip across the country.

"We want a future for our kids where there will be a president like Trump who wants to follow the law on immigration reform, the whole ordeal with ISIS and the terrorists,” supporter Sean Jordan said. “We need that taken care of. I'm afraid for my kids.”

Friday's rally is Trump's second stop in Texas in two days.

"Trump is misrepresented in the media,” supporter Janet Jordan said. “He actually is for all Americans."

Dozens of protesters lined River Oaks Boulevard Friday afternoon, as Trump attended a fundraiser in the upscale neighborhood.

The fundraiser was held at the home of prominent Houston attorney Tony Buzbee. Protesters began lining the street around 3 Friday afternoon, waiting for Trump to arrive with his motorcade.

"Mr. Trump, as I understand it, wanted to make a trip through Texas. So, I was asked and I gladly said yes. He's the republican presidential (or) will be the nominee," Buzbee said.

The protesters chanted and carried signs bashing the candidate. “He's a fascist, he’s a racist, he’s a maniac,” said protester Rona Smith.

“We just want to tell him we are not criminals, we are not rapists, we're not drug dealers,” said protester Victor Ibarra, who is upset about the controversial statements Trump has made about Latinos.

Tickets to the fundraiser reached as much as $250,000. Earlier in the week, Buzbee expected to raise about $2 million for the Trump campaign. Attendee Kay McClelland told KPRC she bought three tickets for $15,000. “I really just hope that he stands a chance against Hillary,” McClelland said. “I don’t want the establishment, I want something different.”