Police: Thieves steal items from 17 unlocked cars

Neptune Beach police say thefts happened over Father's Day weekend

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – Neptune Beach has seen an uptick in car burglaries with 17 reported during Father's Day weekend.

All 17 involved unlocked cars.

Most of the burglaries, which police call crimes of opportunity, were reported in the same area from June 17-20.

Mike Miller, who lives in that area, said the community is typically safe.

“We don’t have many burglaries that you hear of in town,” Miller said.

The car burglaries were reported mainly in residential neighborhoods on Third Street between Atlantic Boulevard and Sea Gate Avenue.

One teen was arrested for the crimes, but police said they also have other possible suspects.

Neptune Beach police said the thieves walked up to vehicles, looked inside, and if they saw something they wanted, they took it.

“(They stole) miscellaneous electronic devices. We’ve recovered key fobs and cellphones and miscellaneous clothing -- anything that they can sell and make a quick profit,” Sgt. Michael Key said.

Key said the odds of a car getting broken into decrease when valuable items are removed from view.

“(Take) items out and simply leaving your lock secured is actually one of the best ways to not become a victim of this,” Key said.

Key said once items are stolen, they end up in pawnshops or resale sites, like Craiglist. 

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