Majority of Americans don't have an up-to-date-will

Seniors most likely not to have current will

The same would also likely apply to U.S. Court of Claims judges, U.S. magistrate judges and U.S. bankruptcy judges, a Congressional Research Service report noted.

NEW YORK, NY – How many Americans have a Will? By including those who had a Will that was out-of-date, previous surveys may have over-reported the number. A Google Consumer survey by found that 63% of Americans do not have a Will, showing no real change from 2014. However, a new statistic reveals that 9% of Americans have a Will that is out-of-date, meaning 72% of Americans do not have an up-to-date Last Will and Testament.

"We really wanted to explore this group after hearing from people who had a Will, but had it written before they got married or had children," explained Tim Hewson, CEO of "In essence, although they technically had a Will, it was worthless."

Particularly concerning, the survey revealed that seniors aged 65 and older are the most likely age group to have an out-of-date Will (15%).

For adults aged 35 and older, 53.5% do not have a Will and 9.5% have a Will that is out-of-date. This leaves only 37% with a Will that reflects their current financial and personal situation.

Younger Americans are the least prepared: 82% of adults aged 18-34 do not have a Will at all, and if they do, there's a 32% chance that it's out-of-date.

By income, the respondents least likely to have an up-to-date Will were in the $100,000+ annual income range.

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