Police: Man 'tasered' 3 times after throwing food at Taco Bell

Investigators said he was unhappy with employees

Booking photo of Jonathan Prouty

LAKE CITY, Fla. – A man is facing charges after he was arrested for throwing food at employees at a Taco Bell restaurant, according to the Lake City Police Department.

It happened Sunday morning just after 10:30 at the Taco Bell outside the Lake City mall.

Investigators said Jonathan C. Prouty, 35, was unhappy with the employees and threw his food. He then got into a verbal altercation and made threats to employees, as well as a juvenile customer.

When officers got to the restaurant, Prouty had left. They caught up with him in the parking lot of a neighboring business. When officers stopped him, police said he became vulgar, refused to talk to officers and began walking away.

After commanding him to stop again, deputies said Prouty balled his hands into a fist and told officers he did not have to listen to them. When they approached, he swung.

Officer J. Jenkins proceeded to "taser" Prouty with his stun gun. After, Prouty stood back up quickly and charged officers. Police said he was stunned a second time.

As another officer bent down to handcuff Prouty, police said Prouty kicked the officer in the knee. As Prouty went to stand up, he was stunned a third time.

Police were able to gain control and restrain Prouty. The officer was treated for minor scrapes and bruises. Prouty refused treatment and was taken to Shands Lake Shore Hospital.

While receiving medical clearance at the emergency room, Prouty became combative again, and police said he attempted to tackle an officer while in handcuffs.

“This is unfortunately an example of the violent resistance our Officers have to face while performing their
duties,” said Chief Argatha Gilmore. “Despite being attacked, the officers were able to safely subdue Mr.
Prouty without anyone being seriously injured.”

Prouty was taken to Columbia County Detention Facility after he was cleared by medical staff. He's charged with criminal mischief and multiple counts of resisting arrest.

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