Former JTA manager accused of stealing more than $300K in city funds

Robert Franques arrested on grand theft charge

Booking photo of Robert Franques
Booking photo of Robert Franques

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former project manager at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is accused of stealing more than $300,000 in city funds.

Robert Franques was arrested Tuesday on a charge of grand theft.

According to the arrest warrant dated June 21, Franques was involved in a land acquisition for JTA while working at the utility as a project manager and engineer.

The utility had previously paid a $344,000 down payment on the property.

At the closing on March 18, which Franques attended as the lone representative of JTA, the seller was instructed by Franques to deposit a $307,000 refund into a Sun Trust Bank account identified as, “JTA Recovered Funds Transfer Management,” the arrest warrant said.

Police said the account number that Franques provided the seller matched his own personal bank account at Sun Trust, and that exact amount was deposited into his account the same day -- March 18.

Franques was terminated by JTA on April 1. News4Jax has requested Franques' personnel file.

News4Jax also learned that Franques was arrested twice in the 1990s for passing worthless checks, but the charges were dropped.

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