Mouse found inside kitchen at Big Pete's Pizzeria downtown

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A mouse found inside the kitchen of a popular downtown pizza shop.  The inspector had to shut it down for the night.  I  talked with the manager about the rodent and he showed me what they've done to keep pests out.

Big Pete's Pizzeria on North Julia Street is where you can get a slice of pizza and a soda for less than four dollars but this popular lunch spot was not open last week after an inspector found a live mouse in the kitchen. When I asked if they knew they had a rodent the owner, Nathan Siva, said no. Siva met me immediately inside the restaurant where he said they never saw the rodent and at first he said the inspector didn't either.

"They didn't find a live rodent, but they found droppings but they were fresh," says Siva.

I then pointed out that according to the report the inspector saw the mouse.  Siva responded.

"Yeah but we went around and looked for it but we could not find it but that's what happened," says Siva.

Siva also said they immediately called their pest control company and the problem was fixed from the outside in.

"They sealed off all the small holes that were on the outside of the wall and they took care of it," says Siva.

I asked to see if for myself.  Siva took me behind the building where there's a parking lot.  The wall that butts up to the kitchen did have some holes. Siva said his pest control company patched them up.

"He put a mesh wire in.  It was a little open area here so we just put the same thing back up again," says Siva.

The company put out mouse traps to lure the rodents away from the restaurant. Siva said the restaurant has been here for 13 years and wants his customers to know they won't make the same mistake twice.

"We are a local restaurant most of our customers are regulars, they been here, they know we did make a mistake and we fixed it and we are back up again," says Siva.

Siva also pointed out they're clearing out a vacant building a few doors down and he said his pest control company told him the rodent came from that building.  The next day the restaurant was able to open back up with no signs of pests.  The inspector noted that some holes were filled at that time but there were still some during the callback inspection

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