Police urge safety while Pokemon hunting

Be aware of surroundings, mindful of law


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – "Pokemon Go" is the latest smartphone game phenomenon that has taken the nation by storm. 

While it may seem like all fun and games, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office wants to make sure players know their safety is No. 1 priority.

To prevent serious accidents or incidents from occurring, players need to remember that they're still in the real world and need to take in their surroundings.

Being unaware of what is happening around the area can lead to physical injury or very dangerous situations.

"Pokemon Go" is a game where players can hunt Pokemon by going to different locations via a map on their phone.

The map takes them to private homes, parks, private businesses, churches and cemeteries to catch the Pokemon and collect them for the game.

Officers have found many people searching for Pokemon late at night in parks and apartment complexes and while driving.

JSO warns players should be mindful of trespassing laws, city park hours and not go in areas late at night alone.

JSO is asking parents to be mindful and monitor children's online activities so it is a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Two JSO officers even caught their own Pokemon at the police station.