Bonds set for 3 accused in string of Eagle Harbor car burglaries

3 were drawn to area by social media post, deputies say

Booking photos of Derrian Williams, Keyo Crosdale and Daniel Fulton
Booking photos of Derrian Williams, Keyo Crosdale and Daniel Fulton

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. – Three Jacksonville men accused of breaking into over a dozen cars in the Eagle Harbor neighborhood of Fleming Island overnight Sunday made their first appearances in Clay County court Tuesday morning.

Derrian Williams, 18, Daniel Fulton, 20, and Keyo Crosdale, 19 -- all from the Northside of Jacksonville -- are charged with unarmed car burglary.

Bond was set at $22,000 for Fulton and Crosdale and $28,000 for Williams.

They are accused of stealing several thousand dollars worth of laptops, lawn equipment, cellphones, GPS devices, a skateboard and other items from 21 cars and a garage in the neighborhood.

Detective James Murphy said the men came to the area because they saw a post on Facebook about someone making a lot of money doing lawn care.

"I think it is one of the things that drew them to the neighborhood," Murphy said. "Again, our tip is if you are making a lot of money or if you have expensive items, don't put that on social media and invite them to your neighborhood."

A social media experts said people often share too much, attracting the wrong people.

"Don't release private information publicly online or people will follow the trail," Dwann Rollinson said. "Oftentimes the strangers want to see what they can see, so they can get what they can get."

Rollinson offered four suggestions for social media use:

  • Protect your privacy
  • Protect your plans
  • Protect your family
  • Protect your finances

She said adding more protection to your posts is as simple as choosing "Friends," so only your friends can see them.

Rollinson said that it's also wise to make pages on Facebook and other social media sites private, so you can control who sees what keep out strangers who don't have good intentions.

Deputies said all the vehicles that were burglarized were unlocked, and the men used a garage door opener in one of the vehicles to break into the garage.

“If you like it, lock it. That's extremely important,” Murphy said. “It's a crime of opportunity, so if you lock the vehicle, the opportunity goes away.”

One of the suspects told deputies that the break-ins began around midnight. They were reported to the Clay County Sheriff's Office about 4:15 a.m., and over 30 officers, including K-9 units, responded to the Eagle Harbor neighborhood to find the men.

"Somebody came to our county and committed a crime, and we're going to catch them," Murphy said.

David Haseltine's surveillance video captured the three men being cornered at a dead end by a deputy and then jumping out of their vehicle and running away.

“It was crazy. This is an investment that came in handy,” Haseltine said of his surveillance cameras.

One of the men who ran away grabbed a backpack filled with stolen items, Murphy said. He said the suspect left a trail of items as he dropped them because the backpack was too heavy.

Deputies captured one of the three suspects early Monday morning but continued to look for the other two in the neighborhood directly behind Fleming Island Elementary School until about 10 a.m. Monday, when they arrested the final suspect.

While News4Jax was in the neighborhood covering the search Monday, several deputies jumped into their cars and drove off with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

News4Jax saw a lieutenant get out of a car and stop the second suspect, commanding him to get down on the ground. The suspect was arrested. He said he was tired of running and that's why he came out of a wooded area by the school where he had been hiding near a soccer practice.

WATCH: Clay County suspect captured

Deputies caught the final suspect nearby shortly after the second one was arrested.

Some of the stolen items have already been returned to the victims, deputies said.

Neighbors said this is the second time this month that cars have been burglarized in their neighborhood.

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