Calls for Trump to be denied security briefings


After saying he hoped Russia would be "able to find" Hillary Clinton's discarded private emails, there have been growing calls for the government to deny Donald Trump the security briefings that are given to all major presidential nominees.


Those briefings are a tradition -- dating back to when Harry Truman was president.


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hopes Trump is given "fake intelligence briefings because you can't trust him."


News4Jax political analyst Jennifer Carroll said the briefings carry with them an important responsibility.


"Now these candidates will have to be sworn that they will keep the information confidential. Either one of them could be president. When they do, after Nov. 8, and they're the president they're going to have to hold this information in the strictest of confidence," Carroll said. 


The briefings are given at the discretion of the president and are not required by law.