Heroes meet brother of woman killed in crash

Dion Greene was killed when she drove her car off I-95 last week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A heartwarming meeting took place Sunday after an awful tragedy. The men who tried to save a woman who died in a crash off Interstate 95 met her brother for the first time.

Florida Highway Patrol said on July 23, Dion Greene, 37, was northbound on Interstate 95 when she drove over a retaining wall and crashed onto Kings Avenue below.

Three military veterans went to her aid after the crash, but they were too late Greene was already dead. When Greene’s brother found out about their heroic efforts, he had to thank them in person.

"I had to tell them thank you in person,” Antoine Perkins said. “I'm not the Facebook type of person. I'm not the ‘I’ll tell you over the phone’ type of person. I like to meet people in person and tell them thank you. For Dion Greene, my sibling, it was really important to me -- the effort that these guys made.”

David Swanson and Josh Goodwyne, who both performed CPR on Greene, met with her brother following the tragedy.

"A lot of people, whenever something like this happens, you think, OK, whatever, it's not close to home. But, whenever you're actually involved it has more of an impact,” Swanson said. “With society being as numb as it has been lately, you need to take a step back and realize this can happen to anyone, anywhere" 

"It wakes you up to appreciating what you have now," Goodwyne said.

Perkins said he is devastated that his sister is gone, but he is appreciative of the kindness the men have shown.

“The average person would have kept driving. For them to stop and turn around and go back, that means a lot to me,” Perkins said. “Three perfect strangers turned around and went to go help someone that they didn't know. That really, really means a lot to me."

He said it would be an honor to have the three men at his sister’s funeral. He has also setup a GoFundMe account to help pay for the funeral expenses.