Customer says closed Mandarin gym still charging her account

Club Fitness closes without warning, transfers members to new gym

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When a Mandarin gym abruptly closed its doors for good last month, members were blindsided.

Workers at Club Fitness of Mandarin on San Jose Boulevard began moving equipment out immediately and customers were left wondering what was going on.

Now one of those former members says that even though the gym is closed, it’s still charging her bank account for membership dues.

Donna Perry said she was shocked to see that another month’s payment for a gym membership at the now empty gym had been withdrawn from her checking account.

“I mean, I think that’s just totally unethical,” Perry said. “They had no reason to do that. We’re not here. My husband’s not coming here. They directed us again to Planet Fitness, so why are they still taking money out of our account?”

Perry said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she checked her bank statement.

But she said it isn't the first time she and her husband have been put-off by the gym’s operations.

“They’ve just had unscrupulous practices, in my opinion, all along,” Perry said.

The Club Fitness corporate office told News4Jax that the gym was forced to close because of financial difficulties. 

Less than 48 hours after the Mandarin gym closed its doors, a new notice was posted at the gym, warning of property seizure and saying the business owes $19,000 in back taxes.

“Are they just trying to collect everything they can as long as they can, so they can pay their $19,000?” Perry asked. “I don’t know.”

A sign on the door reads: “Please call Chris for details.” So that's what News4Jax did.

The man who identified himself as Chris Zurvinsky said that he owned and operated the gym’s Mandarin location but that he doesn’t handle billing. He said that’s left up to the corporate owner, Omni.

The company did not return calls seeking comment.

VIEW: Letter posted on door of Club Fitness of Mandarin

Perry said that she just wants her money back and for the owners to treat their former customers with respect.

“I don’t buy the fact that they said they just suddenly had to close down,” Perry said. “They’ve been knowing for quite some time they weren’t able to pay rent. They’ve got some other things going on from a debt perspective, so I don’t think it was just sudden. I think somebody way up there knew about it, and it was just the way they handled it -- totally unethical.”

The attorney general's office said the Club Fitness gym had four previous complaints against it.

Perry said she’s going to keep trying to get the auto-draft stopped.