Woman says home broken into 3 times in a year

Northside woman says thieves took electronics, medication, documents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Northside woman who says her home has been burglarized three times over the last year is worried it could happen again.

Sandra Bassett, who lives off Duray Court, said thieves took two televisions, a laptop, medication, legal documents, her birth certificate, and even her husband’s death certificate from her home on Tuesday. She said she’s devastated and fears for her safety.

She said she was only gone for about an hour Tuesday morning, but when she returned her place was much emptier and in worse shape.

“It's been badly treated, it needs to be redone, and I know it, but I know it's going to take a whole, it's going to take a lot,” Bassett said.

She said her door was kicked in, and her back gate was wide open.

“The printer, it was right here, and so it was kind of pulled out, and I just picked it up and took it,” Bassett said.

What she didn’t find was her TV, laptop, medication and some important documents.

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“It just grabs me hard, because I did not grow up with anybody -- I didn't grow up with stuff like this,” Bassett said. “Nobody was in our neighborhood. Nobody stole anything from you. And until I moved here, I never had experienced anything like that.”

Bassett said it's the third time her home has been burglarized and the second time a TV has been stolen from her.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime-mapping tool shows that within a half-mile of Bassett's home, there have been 32 similar crimes in the past three months.

Bassett said she’s afraid it will happen to her again, because it's possible whoever is committing the crimes is watching her and knows when she's gone.

Bassett said she doesn’t have the money to fix the door or replace her belongings. She estimates the door alone will cost about $300 to repair, maybe more. She said she just hopes whoever is doing this is caught.

Bassett said officers have taken reports on the thefts, and she’s given them the serial numbers for her laptop and TV, just in case they are pawned.

They’ve also talked with some neighbors, but right now, they still haven’t figured out who’s responsible.

Anyone with information about the recent crime in the area is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.