Trump accused of hiring foreigners instead of Floridians


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Gov. Rick Scott was among the first to endorse Donald Trump and this week recommitted his support for him saying Trump is the job’s candidate. However, Scott dodged a question about Trump’s efforts to hire foreign nationals to work in Florida.

We rcontacted both the GOP and Democratic parties for a response. Only Max Steele, a spokesman for the Democrats, responded, saying, in part, “In order to maximize his profits, he makes his products overseas and imports foreign workers rather than hiring Floridians.”

Trump’s "Make America Great Again" message is one of the reasons he’s the GOP nominee.

On Wednesday in Jacksonville, he told reporters his campaign is all about American jobs.

“It’s about bringing our jobs back,” he said. "Our jobs are being decimated. We are losing our companies."

But a new ad from the Clinton campaign takes Trump to task for manufacturing many of his products overseas.

Last month, Trump filed paperwork with the Department of Labor, saying that he couldn’t find enough Americans willing to work as housekeepers, cooks and servers at two properties in Palm Beach.

Those jobs reportedly pay between $10.17 and $12.74 an hour.

Scott has repeatedly said his support of Trump is because they share the same concerns about jobs, but Scott this week sidestepped a question about Trump seeking to hire foreigners.

"Well, you can talk to Donald Trump about what he’s doing with his business,” Scott said when asked why Trump can’t find enough people in Florida to do the jobs. "But here’s what I can tell you: I want -- I’m proud the private sector in our state has added 1,127,000 jobs."

Scott is also serving as the chairman of Rebuild America Now, which produced a spot criticizing Clinton for saying no law could stop outsourcing.