Suspected armed heroin dealer indicted

Matthew Barker, 33, could receive life in prison


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Federal prosecutors unsealed the indictment of a local man charging him with multiple crimes that could send him to prison for life if convicted.

United States Attorney A. Lee Bentley, III announced the unsealing of an indictment charging Matthew Barker, 33, of Jacksonville, with distribution of heroin and possession of a firearm.

If convicted on all counts, Barker faces a maximum penalty of life in federal prison. The indictment also notified Barker that the United States intends to forfeit any firearms or ammunition involved in the offense.

According to the indictment, Barker distributed heroin in February and July 2016 and used a gun to further his drug distribution activity on one of those occasions.

Barker’s case was investigated by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration.