Candidate for Putnam County sheriff

Only one candidate for sheriff of Putnam County has returned the News4Jax candidate survey.

Ricky Wright


Age: 51

Candidate's family: Melissa (wife) & Miayah (daughter)

Occupation: Captain (Chief of Detention Administration) Clay County Sheriff's Office

Education: Graduate of Vincennes University, A.S. Degree

Political experience: None

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • Drug dealers and abuse o Local drug taskforce where the concentration is on the dealers. Working closely with other local and state services to offer help to those willing to accept our help.                                                    
  • Increase salaries for our deputies. 
  • Eliminated budget waste – combine job assignments – eliminate top heavy positions.
  • More Deputies in neighborhoods o Develop and use a volunteer/civilian program that would move the deputy out of the office and back into your neighborhoods

  • How can you help voters in a way that others running for this office cannot?
    I am passionate about people. I am passionate about this profession and have been for 32 years. I have the leadership ability that is needed to operate the Office of the Sheriff and work closely with other constitutional officers and to solve issues. Having both law enforcement and detention experience is vital to operating a sheriff's office successfully. I care about our youth and I have invested in their lives for 35 years. You will not get business as usual with me as your sheriff. I will move this agency forward because I believe in the concept of engaging our deputies with the community we service and being proactive and not just reactive. I will protect tax payers money and use it to make neighborhoods safer and not for my personal agenda.

    What would you hope to be remembered for accomplishing after serving in this office? 
    Making Putnam County a safer place to live, work and raise a family. A Sheriff that put the constitution first, a Sheriff that followed the law and did not compromise ones ethics because of an individual's or business's status in the community.

    Campaign website: wrightforsheriff.com

    Facebook and/or Twitter pages: Ricky Wright for Putnam County Sheriff