Florida voting officials cast doubt on rigged election talk

GOP's presidential nominee says if he loses, election must've been rigged


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Elections can get feisty and downright nasty, and 2016's unique election cycle is no different.

The GOP's presidential nominee said if he loses, the election must've been rigged -- but voting officials in Florida say not so fast.

A rigged election? That's what one candidate is suggesting, but it's not likely to happen in Florida. After all, it's a state with a storied history of election messes and fixes. Does Bush-Gore in 2000 ring a bell?

Florida's supervisors of elections association put out a statement last week casting doubt on the rigged election talk.

When asked about a fixed election in November, Ron Labasky, the counsel for the association, said, "I think that it would be virtually impossible."

Labasky said safeguards put in place nearly a decade ago help to deter fraud.

"The fact that we have a paper ballot obviously ensures that if there were any question about a vote not being properly tabulated or the count being incorrect, you can go back and compare those individual pieces of paper rather than relying on some computer-generated result," Labasky said.

The message from the county elections officials to the more than 12 million registered voters in the state: We won't screw this up.

Florida’s requirement that voters show proof of identification is another safeguard that elections officials point to as a fraud preventer.