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Brown asks supporters to help 'fuel' cash-strapped campaign

Brown accuses opponent of being Republican 'yes man'

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Facing cash flow problems as she campaigns for re-election in the midst of a federal corruption case, U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown took to her blog Sunday to let her constituents know the “gas” is running low and she needs political contributions.

She pointed to the newly redrawn district, which now reaches from Jacksonville to Tallahassee, as one reason her campaign funds have been stretched thin.

“Our gauge light is flashing red,” Brown wrote. “I've never asked for campaign contributions, but to keep my campaign moving forward I'm respectfully asking you to make a contribution.”

Brown also alluded in the post to her earlier assertion that Democratic opponent Al Lawson “is in the hip pocket of the Republican Party.”

Pointing to a Florida Politics blog post highlighting that several groups that have previously backed Republican candidates have given money to Lawson, Brown wrote, “It's easy to understand who Al Lawson would work for in Congress. It won't be you.”

In a blog post on Friday, Brown wrote that Republican groups are backing Lawson because they want to replace her with “a Republican 'yes man' fronting as a Democrat.”

She asked for votes and financial contributions “to stop this Republican takeover.”

She also encouraged her supporters to share her social media posts and to point their friends to CorrineBrownforCongress.com to check her track record.

Lawson's campaign released the following statement:

"Throughout my 28-year career in public service, I have always honored and upheld the public’s trust. The American people are fed up with years of gridlock from Washington, and the reason for this stalemate is the stubborn unwillingness of entrenched members of Congress to reach across the aisle to work together. Now Ms. Brown is trying to discredit me and my service by attacking those who believe in the work I have done and are confident in my ability to continue this work. My focus has always been on what is needed by the people I serve, and I am proud to defend my record of achievement in areas of great importance to our communities, on issues ranging from education and the economy to civil rights and the environment.
Sadly, Ms. Brown seems to believe that the best way to divert attention away from her federal indictment is to demean my record and my honesty. I have always led with integrity and served the interests of the public. As I’ve said before and will continue to say, I will be a leader the people of District 5 can trust."