Police: Krystal employee turns violent while disciplined

Russell Francis Gomez, 29, arrested in Lake City


LAKE CITY, Fla. – A Krystal employee was arrested after he attacked his co-workers when he learned he was being written up for arriving late to work, the Lake City Police Department announced Tuesday.

Russell Francis Gomez, 29, arrived to work late at the restaurant on US-90 in Lake City, according to witnesses.

After he found out he would be written up, he immediately turned violent and began throwing food, such as frozen hamburger patties, at his boss, witnesses said.

The manager went toward the office but Gomez followed her, while knocking over equipment and pouring cooking oil onto the floor, police said.

Employees got customers safely out of the lobby while Gomez went to the back of the store, flipped the circuit breakers, overturned trash cans and damaged electronic equipment, police said.

Witnesses said he left the store but said he would return and made threats toward the manager.

Gomez got into his vehicle and began to leave, but two employees tried to block his escape, fearing he would return with a weapon, according to police.

Gomez got out of his vehicle and spit in one co-worker's face, police said.

Two customers restrained him until police arrived.

LCPD said Gomez was bleeding from the mouth when they arrived. Police said while waiting for first responders, Gomez started to run away.

Police ran after him and safely apprehended him.

Gomez was transported to the Columbia County Jail where he was booked on multiple charges of aggravated battery, assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Police said Gomez is a habitual traffic offender with multiple license suspensions. 

He was also charged with felony driving on a suspended license and his tag was seized.