Man arrested for domestic violence, false imprisonment


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A man was arrested Monday by St. Johns County deputies for domestic battery and false imprisonment of his girlfriend.

Officials said Raymond Stover, 30, was arrested after an incident earlier this month.

According to the arrest report, earlier this month Stover assaulted his girlfriend of 3 years, punched her multiple times, dragged her by the hair, choked her until she lost consciousness and locked her in a bathroom for with no access to a phone.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Commander Chuck Mulligan said Stover and the victim got into a verbal fight. Stover followed her into the bathroom and began beating her.

Stover’s girlfriend convinced him to drive her to a hospital where he dropped her off and fled on foot.

“He (Stover) parked the car he drove her to the hospital in and fled on foot,” Mulligan said.

Once the woman was admitted, she asked to speak to police.

“As the woman was being evaluated, she requested to speak to police,” Mulligan said. “Fortunately, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has a deputy on staff.”

The woman got a temporary domestic violence injunction against Stover, but it was dismissed. She was the third woman to get such an injunction against Stover, one of which was permanent. In that case, Stover was ordered to take a batterers intervention course.

Mulligan said there are resources for people in violent domestic situations.

“There’s lots of great shelters,” Mulligan said. “If they feel they are being abused, they can turn to these shelters. We have laws that protect their privacy.”

Stover is out on bond, and is required to wear a GPS monitor. He was ordered to avoid contact with the victim.