NJ boy uses allowance to buy police lunch

Boy brought Subway so officers could 'be healthy'


A New Jersey boy saved his allowance for seven months so he could show his appreciation to the Winslow Township, New Jersey police department, The Associated Press reports.

William Evertz Jr., 5, brought the police officers lunch from a local Subway restaurant telling his mother that he wanted the officers to rest so they could protect the town.


In a Facebook post, the police department called William's act of kindness "remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5 year old."


In an effort to help others, William also plans to donate clothes, school supplies and toys to a domestic violence shelter, food and supplies to a local animal shelter and "$25 to a less fortunate family to assist with daycare expenses."


The PD made William an honorary officer, gave him a special shirt and badges and gave him a ride home in a police car with the lights and siren.