University of Texas students protest gun law with sex toys

Organizers distribute over 4,500 free sex toys


AUSTIN, Texas – Wednesday marked the first day of class at the University of Texas and students held a rally to protest a new state gun law using sex toys.

The new law allows concealed handguns to be carried in college classrooms, building and dorms, the Associated Press reports.

The AP report says rally organizers said the sex toys were used to mock what they consider an absurd notion -- guns being allowed in an academic setting.

KXAN TV reports the first protest started at 8 a.m. with students carrying sex toys in protest of the law. The students ask anyone against the concealed carry law to wear them on their backpacks through Labor Day.

"It's supposed to be a safe space but I don't feel safe," University of Texas sophomore Mia Barrera told KXAN. "Why give them guns? Especially when a school is supposed to be a safe place. It doesn't feel very safe knowing that there are kids who can bring guns on campus."

Carrying the sex toys in public is against University of Texas policy that prohibits writings, images or performances that are deemed "obscene" as defined by Texas law, KVUE TV reports.

"You can't hurt anybody with this," student Kailey Moore told KVUE, "so why is it illegal to carry this but legal to carry a deadly weapon?"

Some students argued having guns on campus made them feel safe.

"I don't expect someone who's licensed to burst into the classroom and shoot anybody," University of Texas student Christi Denno said KVUE. "But at the same time, if that did happen, I would feel a lot more safe if I had my own handgun to shoot back and defend myself."

According to KXAN, here's what the new law allows:

* People who have a license to carry a concealed gun will be allowed to bring the gun on campus and into campus buildings (the handgun still needs to be concealed).

* It will still be illegal to display a firearm in campus buildings as well as campus streets, sidewalks, etc.

* Minimum age for obtaining a license to carry is 21.

* "Campus" means all land and buildings owned or leased by a public or private institution of higher education.

* Schools may establish their own rules and regulations regarding "safe zones" and how students store their handguns.

The group handed out over 4,500 donated sex toys, KVUE reports.