Vietnamese woman cuts off limbs for insurance money

Police found scam after months-long investigation

(FreeImages.com/Dani Simmonds)


Thirty-year-old Ly Thi N of Hanoi, Vietnam admitted to asking her friend to cut off one of her hands and one of her feet in an attempt to collect an insurance pay off.


According to UPI, Ly Thi N gave her friend, Doan Van D, $2,200 to help her with the scam. The two staged a train accident and lied to police during the investigation. The pay off would have been upwards of $150,000. The jig was up when police discovered the woman's business was reportedly struggling.


"N hired D to cut her hand and foot, then continued to have him report false information to the police," Bac Tu Liem police chief, Nguyen Thanh Tung said.


Tung added that "people should not attempt insurance fraud at the expense of their own health."