Realtor alert: 'Foot fetish creep' returns

Man asks agents about shoes, nail polish

(David Buchan/Getty Images)

Officials say a man in Texas is calling real estate agents but instead of discussing property sales, he asks them about footwear and pedicures.

According to a news release from the Houston Association of Realtors, a man they call "Foot Fetish Creep" has been off and on law enforcement radar for years.

HAR says that the man targets female agents whose photographs have been published in advertisements, and abruptly end his calls if a male answers.

During calls, the man asks agents to describe their footwear and requests that they remove their shoes for improved cellphone reception. In some cases he asks if they have had pedicures and to describe their nail polish, HAR says.

The calls display as “blocked” on most cell phones, HAR says.