Local animal hospital helps dogs displaced by Louisiana floods

St. Francis Animal Hospital opens its doors to group of displaced dogs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local animal hospital is doing its part to help those affected by the Louisiana floods.

The aftermath of the floods has been hard for many. Not only have people been displaced, but there are many pets that are now homeless. St. Francis Animal Hospital is opening its doors to displaced dogs that need homes.

"When we saw the plea from Best Friends Animal Society for help for the dogs in Louisiana who had been displaced by the flood, we decided we wanted to bring some of them here to help them out," said Sandy Golding, director of development with St. Francis.

Golding said the hospital is offering shelter to five dogs with heartworms. Pit Sisters, a Jacksonville-bases rescue group, also took dogs that were being escaping Louisiana by organizations including Arcadiana Animal Aid, the Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Aid for Vermilion Area.

While the pups are pumped to get a new home, there are hundreds of others who are still waiting for assistance. The flooding has taken away homes, and for some, the choice to keep their pets with them as they seek steady shelter.

"We are really happy to be able to put all of these dogs in our facility where they can be safe until they can find their homes," Golding said.

St. Francis is in need of volunteers to help for the 10 dogs on a daily basis and also bring in supplies to help care for them. It will be posting updates on the rescued dogs as well as when they are ready to adopt. Tap or click here to donate or learn more.