How to get yard waste picked up after Hermine

Jacksonville residents can report need for debris pick-up online

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s been three days since Hermine skirted Northeast Florida, but reminders of the storm are still sticking around, and many residents were asking Monday when storm debris would be picked up.

Cierra Smith, a junior at Florida State University, spent all morning and part of Sunday afternoon with her brothers, cleaning up her grandparents' Mandarin yard of storm debris, including a pile of twigs and moss.

But Smith wasn't sure what needed to be done to get the debris picked up by the city.

Residents with similar questions can go to 630city.coj.net, click "Create Issue" and find a link on the right to report a “Yard Waste Issue.”

If debris needs to be picked up, residents can select “Yard Waste, Missed Collection.”

Then, in the section that says, “Please add any relevant information below,” residents can include details like their name, address and phone number.

After that, they're given a confirmation number and an estimated date of completion.

“They gave us an issue number. And they said they’ll try to come out tomorrow. But if not, it’ll be completed on the next day,” Smith said, after following the steps. “It was really fast and really easy. My grandfather will be happy that I did it, or else it would have sat there for a while.”

According to the system, it will take a couple of days for waste to be collected.