Jacksonville towing company helps Louisiana flood victims

Sky Towing & Recovery has been in Baton Rouge for 3 weeks


BATON ROUGE, La. – It’s been weeks since severe flooding devastated parts of Louisiana, and Northeast Floridians have been helping in Baton Rouge since the calls started coming in.

Anthony Faber, from Jacksonville-based Sky Towing & Recovery, has been in Baton Rouge for three weeks, helping people get back their cars after record flooding.

He said he's seen cars with mold, swamp water and bacteria.

Video he shared with News4Jax showed debris piled up and lining the roadways.

His crew is working from sunup to late into the night, and has been able to eat only through the kindness of people sharing home-cooked meals.

Faber said there’s still more help needed in the area.

“There was a vehicle with a 90-degree vert into a ditch that took some time to get out, where I had to block traffic, and a state trooper -- unmarked state trooper -- came and helped me divert traffic, too, so I could retrieve the vehicle for the car owner,” Faber said.

Faber said it was a no-brainer when Sky Towing and Recovery got the call to help.

He said that although he’s been away from his 3-month-old daughter for almost a month, he’d do it again. But he is looking forward to seeing her when he gets back home this weekend.