Man, woman found dead in Deltona home with kids inside

Deaths investigated as possible murder-suicide

DELTONA, Fla. – Volusia County deputies are investigating what they're calling a possible murder-suicide after two bodies were found in a home with two small children inside.

Deputies said they were called to a home on the 300 block of Providence Boulevard for a report of a shooting.

"When I heard the shot, she was yelling, and after the shot, I didn't hear yelling anymore," a next-door neighbor said. "I was hoping, I pray to God he didn't do anything stupid."

The neighbor didn't want to give News 6 his name, but said it happened so quickly.

"I heard arguing, I heard her scream, yell and what not and just one shot, one single shot," he said.

Deputies said someone called 911 for help from inside the home around 2 p.m., just moments before the shooting. They described the caller as frantic and barely understandable.

"I didn't know what was going on," neighbor Leslie Burch said. "I just stepped out for a minute to the store came back and all these cops were around my house."

Burch lives next door and said she would always see Johnathan Jeanniton, 29, and Akeyla McCoy, 23, taking the kids to day care, and she never heard any arguing.

"I mean, something like this happening right next door -- it's just shocking," Burch said. "I feel bad for the kids, really bad for the children. I pray that they didn't see anything or hear anything."

Investigators said Jeanniton and McCoy were found dead in a bedroom and the children were in a room on the opposite end of the home. Deputies are now looking into the incident as a murder-suicide.

"(These are) two kids that won't see their parents anymore, and (they're) young, real young," a neighbor said.