Northside woman bitten by rattlesnake

Woman hospitalized after she believes diamondback rattlesnake bit her on foot


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Northside woman was hospitalized Wednesday after she was bitten by a rattlesnake. 

A neighbor told News4Jax that she got a call from the woman saying she had been bitten on the foot by what she believes was a diamondback rattlesnake as she was walking up the front steps.

Debra Suber said when she pulled up to come check on her neighbor, the woman was sitting calmly, waiting on an ambulance.

"Just before the ambulance got there, I guess, the venom started going up in her foot because that's when it started stinging, but she was real calm. She was way better than I would have ever been," Suber said. 

Suber said she often spots snakes in the area.

"I would say two to three, maybe four, a week, probably more. In fact, just Friday or Thursday there was a big one crossing right there," Suber said. "They're crawling worse than I've ever seen them every other year -- the rattlesnakes and the moccasins."

Another neighbor went out in a golf cart, armed with a gun to search for the rattlesnake.

As of early Wednesday evening, there was still no sign of it. 

The woman's condition is unclear at this time.